Spoiled Children of Divorce

Exemplary Children of Divorce – Elon Musk

The numbers of Children of Divorce who are included on Time Magazine’s 100 People of the Year Lists has gone up. I forgot the exact count, maybe 11 to 13. Plus about 5 more people who grew up in a single parent family where the parents never married. I couldn’t find out information on about 20 of the people on the list so I’m not taking these numbers too seriously. What I’m really happy about is the quality of the Children of Divorce on this list because many included are probably not really very impressive leaders in my opinion.

Elon Musk is one of the super impressive ones. Musk is a visionary who takes big risks like creating car company Tesla and turning space travel into a tourist industry. He must have watched a lot of “The Jetsons” when he was a kid. Actually I think he was busy doing other stuff. According to Wikipedia Musk read a lot. Became interested in computing at at 10. That’s just a year after his parents’ divorce so maybe have a lot of time to himself contributed to this. Must taught himself programming at Age 12.

According to this article from BusinessInsider, Musk describes his childhood as “excruciating.” He grew up in South Africa. His Mother was a Model from Canada and his Father was an Electromechanical engineer. His parents divorced in 1980 so Musk would have been around 9 at that time. After two years he lived exclusively with his Father. He says that this was a mistake and that his Father was emotionally abusive. They are currently estranged. According to People Magazine Musk’s Father had a child with his step-daughter who is, of course, his step-daughter, but is also 40 years younger. His Father calls Elon a spoiled child…..ah, hahahahahahahahahaha. How appropriate for a Child of Divorce. What a lovely man, and how many of these idiots are out there?

Musk’s Mother is the covergirl of a company. She talks about how she created the entrepreneurial spirit in her children in this Businessinsider article.

Musk is the oldest of 3 children in his first family, a brother and sister. He also has a half-brother and half-sister.

Musk was also deeply affected by bullying at school. During one episode he had to be hospitalized. He was knocked unconscious when some boys threw him down a concrete stairwell.

The Month that Musk turned 18 he got out of dodge and moved to Canada where he was able to get a passport because his Mother was Canadian. He finished two Bachelors degrees in Physics and Economics and then moved to California to get a Ph.d at Stanford. But dropped out after 2 days in order to start businesses. He partnered with his brother for his first business (funded at least in part by hs Mother) and has since started a series of successful companies such as PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, the space rocket company.

According to Wikipedia Musk has been married and divorced three times, but the last two were to the same woman. He had 6 children with his first wife, but the first baby died of SIDs after 10 weeks.

According to this article in SiliconBeat someone got onto Musk’s Twitter account and asked him if he is Bipolar so he may have some issues. Musk answered “yeah” but qualifies that as not clinical.

Exemplary Children of Divorce – Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

First Lady of the United States, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis was a Child of Divorce.  Her biography is on Wikipedia and here.  Her Father was a Stockbroker who had many affairs and her parents split when Jacqueline was 10 years old.  Jacqueline had one younger sister, Lee, with whom she had both a very close relationship and intense rivalry.  The sisters lived with both parents.   The Mother remarried to an heir to the Standard Oil fortune two years later and had two more children who became Jacqui’s half sister and half brother.

The link given above says this about how the Divorce possibly affected Jackie:

Her parents’ angry quarrels developed Jacqueline’s ability to tune out unpleasant things—a skill she would employ in her own marriages—and her penchant to escape into literature, art, fantasy, and horses. Her parents’ divorce left her with deep insecurities and a gnawing emptiness that haunted her, fueling her needs to purchase extravagantly and to marry men of wealth.

Jacqueline Bouvier graduated college and then met John Kennedy in 1951 or 52.  They married a year and half later.  The couple had a miscarriage and a still-birth before daughter Caroline and son John were born in 1957 and 1960.  Another son was born in 1963 but unfortunately died a couple of days later.

Jacqueline Kennedy became the First Lady of the United States  in 1961 when her Husband took office.  She was a great Hostess and was very popular.

President Kennedy was tragically assassinated on Nov. 22, 1964 in Texas.

Jackie remarried to Greek  Shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis in October, 1968.  The couple eventually separated but never divorced.  Onassis died in 1975.

Jackie went on to have a successful publishing career.  She found a solid relationship after the age of 50.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis passed away on May 19, 1994 from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

“Please Give”

Movie time.  I saw some really interesting female Children of Divorce characters in an indie movie this week-end.  The movie is called Please Give.  The plot centers around a New York family of fairly contented well-adjusted people who still manage to crack good jokes.  It actually seems to be a movie about people to whom nothing ever happens.  The Children of D are part of a side story.  They are the ones who the family watches and says, “At least we don’t have it that bad.”

The couple is played by Catherine Keener and I’m sorry I don’t know the Actors’ name who played the husband . I don’t know the names of any of the other actors, basically, the whole cast is great and Keener was the reason why I went to see the movie.  At any rate, Keener and her Husband are sort of hitting midlife and are trying to figure out where to go from now.  Keener’s having some ethics problems from working as a “Dealer.”  Her husband is having some problems with why he doesn’t have a problem with the ethics problem.  They own a business, a home, have a daughter, have built their lives well and now are ready to make some mistakes in order to open their hearts once again. Throughout the movie the characters struggle with the ideas of give and take in what is generally pretty funny New Yorker openness. In the end they learn some valuable lessons and make some great changes in their outlooks.

But, basically, the movie would be really dopey without the additional drama from “the catastrophic family” who exists on the sideline. These are the neighbors in the apartment next door.

The “catastrophic family” is basically a shell of what’s left over from a nuclear family.  The parent generation is gone and the Grandparent and Children are left.  The “couple to whom nothing ever happens” has bought an apartment from the Grandmother of the Catastrophic Family next door.  The old woman is really mean and really old and everybody is basically waiting for her to die.  The couple plans to renovate and expand their apartment into hers which is a cold-blooded thing to be lording over your next door neighbor.

The two granddaughters take care of the Grandmother.  These are the Children of Divorce characters.  They are two sisters in their 20s or early 30s.  Warning: I’m putting in some spoilers here but am not giving the ending.  The girls’ Father abandonned the family long ago.  The Mother committed suicide when the oldest daughter was 20 and the youngest daughter was 15.  It’s very clear to everyone in the story why the Mother committed suicide after watching the Grandmother complain and insult people. It’s not real clear why the younger daughter takes such good care of her aside from the fact that there must still be some angels living in Manhattan.  Go figure.  Oh yeah, and the big “D”?  It’s never mentioned.  That’s right, the word “Divorce” never comes up.  The Father has abandoned the family.  The Mother commits suicide and the reason that’s discussed in her bad Mommy situation.  If “D” were mentioned, there would have been no funding.  Divorced parents and even kids aren’t going to pay good money to see that crap.  (So negative.)

The two daughters live together in a cruddy apartment and bicker about how to cook food in the microwave.  Both work in girly caretaker vocations.  They are probably Community College educated.  At the beginning of the movie they are both single.  The oldest has just been dumped.  The youngest seems fated to become an old spinster.  Otherwise, they seem trapped in the cocoon of a childhood which was taken away from them bit by bit.

The youngest is a Medical Tech who takes Mammograms all day.  That seems to be a great metaphor for the fact that she is extremely loving and caring and visits her Bitchy Grandmother almost every day after work without complaining.  Through her depressing work she seems to be facing her Mother’s death everyday and has no interest in going out to view the changing autumn leaves the way everyone else in the city seems to.  Beauty?  What Beauty?

The oldest daughter gives facials in a salon.  She’s a Bitch but everyone seems to like her because she is pretty.  She maintains a very phoney looking tan.  She can’t stand her Grandmother, stays away from her and argues very coldly with her meanness. Because of that resistance she seems to be in danger of becoming just like the old woman.

In the end, the Grandmother dies, and the two families sort of merge emotionally through a couple of moments of true giving.  All the Characters enjoy the best possible ending and that’s all that really matters to me these days.

~The End~