Spoiled Children of Divorce

Exemplary Children of Divorce – Meghan Markel

American Actress, Meghan Markel is engaged to marry Prince Harry of England in May. Both are Children of Divorce. Meghan was six years old when her parents split. Harry was eleven when his parents split and twelve when his Mother died.

Marriage can be a complicated event for Children of Divorce. All events are more complicated because there are so many more people to think about. Meghan’s Father lives in Mexico and will walk her down the aisle. Meghan didn’t invite many members of her Mother’s extended family. Some gave some really insulting interviews right after the announcement. Yahoo article here.

Final Installment – Intellectuals / Exemplary Children – E.O. Wilson

I went through the rest of the Guardian’s Top 100 Intellectuals of 2005 list. This was a pretty interesting section of the list as it contained Intellectuals with all kinds of ideas about the modern Family “situation,”especially social factors & economic factors. I didn’t read anything much in depth but it seemed that mostly the Intellectuals think that the broken homes are not a good sign for society. I didn’t read any who seemed to have creative ideas about the positive impact of such a huge population in society and how it can possibly morph into a new type of better society. So far, it’s only morphed into a billion dollar pharmaceutical and psychotherapy business.

I found one more Child of Divorce on the List, E.O. Wilson. He’s sometimes thought of as being the “Father of the Environmental Movement” to balance out Rachel Carson’s role as Mother. Wilson’s scientific philosophies and researches seem concerned overall with Synthesis, using scientific thought as a unifying element in the world, sounds like some real Child of D. dreamwork… but what do I know.

Wilson began as an entomologist and developed philosophies about human behavior from years of studying the social life of ants. He’s the guy who discovered that pheromones work as a basis for chemical communication in ants. Wilson strongly promotes the idea of “Sociobiology” which says that biology/genes are responsible for all social behavior. This has gotten him into much debate with others who feel that social and environmental influences also play a part. At any rate, it’s interesting to study a Child of Divorce taking part in the Nature v. Nurture debate.

E.O. Wilson was born in Alabama in 1929. His parents divorced when he was 7 years old and he spent the rest of his childhood moving around a lot with his Father and StepMother. The same year his parents divorced Wilson damaged one eye in a fishing accident. He had been interested in Nature studies very early on and the reduced eyesight caused him to concentrate on studying insects.

Wilson was raised in a religious environment and experienced being Born Again when he was in his teens. He since then drifted away from his religious roots but is looking for ways to unify the Creationists with the Scientists. I can’t find any information about Wilson’s Mother. He’s written an autobiography called Naturalist. There’s an excellent article about him online in Seed Magazine which says that his Father was an alcoholic who committed suicide when Wilson was 21 years old (http://seedmagazine.com/news/2006/10/the_synthesizer.php).

Wilson decided to be an entomologist when he was 16 and began to collect all the Ants of Alabama. He went on to college in Alabama and then to Harvard where he received a Ph.D. He taught at Harvard for his entire career. He’s had the same assistant for 40 years.

Wilson is married and has a daughter.

Wilson has written a lot of books which explain his different interests and has received 2 Pulitzer Prizes along with many other honors and awards.

Here’s a link to a link of E.O. Wilson giving a speech at TEDBlog, an Intellectual FunFest where the greatest minds are allowed to give an 18 minute speech about whatever they wish. Wilson received one of their grand prizes so was maybe given a bit longer to expound.

Actually, TEDBlog is where I need to search for my Exemplaries from now on.


Exemplary Children of Divorce – The Beatles

I remember once an Interview with Paul McCartney where the Interviewer asked Paul what he thought about current Rock music. Paul said he liked it but that he was proud that the Beatles sent out a message of Love rather than some of the darker messages of the current times. This made me particularly curious to check into the childhoods of the Beatles. Were they from loving homes themselves?

John Lennon’s parents were split. His Father was a Merchant Marine and was gone most of the time when John was very young. John’s Mother was left alone with severe money problems. When John’s Father returned 1944 his Mother didn’t want him around anymore. Lennon was around 4 years old at the time. His Mother’s Sister called social services and basically took John from his Mother so John lived with his Aunt and Uncle through most of his childhood.

In July, 1946 John’s Father abducted his Son with the intention of taking him to New Zealand. (John Lennon would have been on the side of a Milk Carton, Age 6!!!!). When the Mother wanted to come along also John was given the choice of deciding which parent he wanted to go with. Well, I think this is a wise thing on the part of the parents in some cases but astrologically it can be seen as child abuse in this case. The reason being John Lennon was a Libra Sun. Libras don’t like to make decisions, they don’t like to chose, they can’t because they can always see both sides of an issue. (This is a quote of Lennon’s in which you can see this kind of thing going on:  “I remember a time when everybody I love hated me because I hate them.”)  At any rate, this event must have completely traumatized him. He chose his Father twice but ran after his Mother as she walked away. He never saw his Father again until much later on when he was an adult. Lennon was raised by his Aunt and Uncle in Liverpool and led a Middle Class life after that. His Mother stayed in his life and taught him to play the banjo. He got his first guitar in 1957. He met Paul McCartney at Age 15 on July 6, 1957.

Tragically, Lennon’s Mother was hit by a car and killed on July 15, 1958. The deaths of their Mothers is said to have been a strong bonding element between John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Dropped out of Art School.

Paul McCartney’s parents did not Divorce, but his Mother died of Breast Cancer when McCartney was 13 years old (Oct. 31, 1956). As I just said McCartney met Lennon in 1957. He had met with George Harrison on the Bus in 1954 when he was 11. Dropped out of school.

Ringo Starr. Child of Divorce. His parents split when he was 3 years old. His Mother remarried and Starr liked his Step-father. He was a sickly child and dropped out of school when he was 13.

George Harrison came from a “Intact” Family.

What also fascinated me, was that, considering they were Rock Stars, the Beatles all enjoyed long-term marriage in their own right. Well, there were some nasty power plays. Yoko Ono broke up Lennon’s first marriage. And Patti Boyd left Harrison for his friend, Eric Clapton. Ouch.

I took a quick look at the family situation of the women involved in these relationships to see what kind of a family household they grew up in. Most of them grew up in the War so there were real problems but the families were intact.

From what I can gleam from their histories, Yoko Ono, Linda McCartney, Barbara Bach, Pattie Boyd and Harrison’s last wife, Olivia Trinidad Avias were all from Intact Families. Cynthia Lennon, John’s first wife, suffered the loss of her Father at Age 17.  So, little groupie girls who want to strike it rich, take heed. Beware of this fact amongst your competition. If you hesitate in your relationships or give things a second glance or act in any way befuddled by Romance’s ability to fail or doubt your loveability, you are probably capable of you’ll miss out on some powerfully, fun times. In other words, I don’t think you can’t compete with these girls.  You’re gonna have to make your own (and probably) better life.

Heather Mills McCartney is from a really nasty Divorced family situation, by the way. She’s got some good qualities but also some really nasty unresolved problems.