Spoiled Children of Divorce

Weird Children of Divorce – Carrie Prejean

Golden Girl Miss California, Carrie Prejean, has lost her Tiara. That’s what you get when you try to compete with the Tranny’s for “Most Beautiful Girl” title, Sweetheart.  The Gay men are having their way with her. That’s gross.

Prejean lost a chance to win the Miss America (or Miss USA, I don’t know which) Crown by proudly announcing to Gay Blogger and Fat Slob Emcee Perez Hilton that she said she doesn’t believe that Gay People should be allowed to get married.  That makes me first wonder, What the Hell is a Fat Slob like Perez Hilton representing the Gay Community for?  Geez, the minute people even think about getting the right to get married they just start letting themselves go.  Then I think, how can a gorgeous girl like that growing up in a liberal place like California be so narrow minded?  Especially one who is so dependent on Gay Men to make her look like a Queen.

Our Princess, Our Queen, Our Princess, Carrie has lost her Crown.  Apparently she hasn’t been showing up for her Miss California activities and today she received a letter of termination from Donald Trump.  What impresses me is that it appears that the reason why Carrie is no longer appearing is not because she bared her Christian boobies to a photographer way back when, not because she openly spoke her mind in a country which espouses Freedom of Speech, but because the Gays are attacking her childhood.  They couldn’t just drop it.  They dug up her parents’ divorce papers.  Oh yeah, baby, that’s as low as it goes, especially when you hear Carrie’s story.

And so that’s why Carrie’s appearing in this blog.  I can’t put her in the Exemplaries Section and I can’t put her in the Bad Section.  But, remember how I’ve been pondering whether female Children of D tend to get beaten up more by men?  Well, here’s another case.  Once the kid goes through that much heartbreak, that much humiliation, that much cover-up, the sewer just seems to keep looking for an inlet.

At any rate, Carrie’s parents’ divorce seems to have been nasty, really nasty. (or, actually, for California it’s pretty normal).  And it went on for a really, really long time.  Her parents used the custody battle of the kids as a reason to fight with each other for her ENTIRE childhood.  This certainly explains why she clings to  conservative and uptight values with regards to family.  She grew up in Hell. Give her a break.  Let her speak.

According to the San Francisco Examiner

Prejean’s parents divorced when she was around 1 year old.  The Child Custody fights continued until she was at least 12 years old.  The parents maybe, just maybe, stopped humiliating her just as she hit puberty.  How generous and thoughtful. At any rate, every single insult they hurled at each was recorded in court documents and among those were allegations that both the Father and the Step-Father were Gay, I think also the Mother.  Coming from a bad divorce situation myself I can only think, “So What?  That’s normal.  People always say shit like that during divorces and the kids are in the middle of it all.”

You’re Gay!

You’re Gay!

You’re Gay! (generally more derogative wording is used)

That’s normal Divorce banter.  NORMAL.

So, not only are these creepy Gay guys ignorant of what goes on in Divorce Custody battles (narcissists that they tend to be they think it’s all about them) but now they are dredging that Hell up for Prejean to go through all over again.  And all because they are jealous of her and want her title and hips and boobs (and lip gloss).

Prejean’s a Beauty Queen for Christ’s Sake!  That’s a shallow, conservative vision of women’s beauty.  In the Straight World, if you compete in those Pageants you might as well be announcing that you’re a Republican and Newt Gingrich is God.  Apparently the Gay World is just as ignorant about what goes on in Divorced families. You guys are even as far as being equally defective as far as I’m concerned.

As much as I believe that Gays should by given the right to Marriage if they really, really want to, what I’m thinking right now is —  Wow, they’re really mean and petty.  You think straight people are nasty in a divorce court? Just imagine what Perez Hilton would be like.

Oh yeah, and I checked.  Perez Hilton?  We can breathe a big sigh of relief here — not a Child of D.  Perez’s Mommy and Daddy let him sit in bed all day and watch TV and get all spoiled and depressed.  Maybe that’s why the guy has flab where his heart should be.  What the Hell is a jerk like that talking about the sanctity of Marriage for anyway?