Spoiled Children of Divorce

Abducted Children of Divorce

Have never seen an interview on a TV show of the massive quantities of children who are abducted by a parent during a custody battle but always wanted know what their experiences were like. Guess they might do everything to avoid receiving anymore drama in life so would make for a boring interview? We used to read the “Have You Seen Me?” posts on the sides of the milk cartons. I remember feeling really jerked around when I discovered that most of the kids are custody abductions. Makes me wonder if abducted children tend to be lactose intolerant.

The FBI calls this phenomenon “Domestic Custodial-Motivated Child Abductions” and talks about it here: https://leb.fbi.gov/2013/august/domestic-custodial-motivated-child-abductions. It seems the children learn early on about retaliation and threats in relationships. The FBI gives examples of actual abductions and law enforcement’s heroic role in fetching them. The children in the examples are all babies so they don’t remember it. (Astrology-wise, that gives super power to the Moon in a natal chart — nobody wants to hear the astrology. So what. Means that they probably love milk, though)

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says that 6 percent of the 20,500 missing children cases in 2016 were domestic abductions. 90 percent of the missing children cases were endangered runaways. They don’t say how many runaways are from single parent families. Of the runaways, one in six were probably abducted into the sex trafficking trade. 86 percent of those were in the care of Social Services. There is no mention of whether they were from single parent households. The link for this info is here: https://leb.fbi.gov/2013/august/domestic-custodial-motivated-child-abductions.

Much of the Statistics I want are supplied on the blog The Fatherless Generation. Don’t know if this information is accurate. It’s absolutely terrifying though.

Okay, so you know that you are loved and wanted. Many Children of Divorce are just in the way or grow up knowing that they are a burden. And, yes, some have it all figured out and are spoiled rotten.

In the end, most Children of Divorce are not from either of these situations. Nobody knows what they are feeling because nobody ever asks and in order to survive they have had to suppress their own feelings about the situation. This keeps the pharmaceutical industry in business and is probably why there is no good art anymore. Just my opinion, of course.

Have You Seen Me?
July 11, 2013, 11:31 pm
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Pretty much the only support for children of divorce in U.S. society used to be found on the side of milk cartons. These would be the kids who were part of a custody hearing. Very very rarely one of these kids stories is picked up by news media and on these rare occasions the viewers are shown the parents who are fighting. The stories always focus on the parents feelings. It is assumed, I guess, that the kids know they are loved. Perhaps they receive therapy and meds in private.

In case you didn’t know, the majority of kids listed at the national center for missing and exploited children are from custody hearings. There is help for families involved in such traumatic experiences on the National Center for Missing & Abducted Children website.

According to astrology, abduction is ruled by the planet Pluto. One might also check the location of Persephone. The Moon and 4th house rule family so one might find a connection between these elements within the natal chart. It’s good to check transits and progressions to these planets and houses as well.

In astrology, runaways are ruled by much different planets. Venus and Uranus are thought to be the most common rulers. I might also expect to see mars (impulse) and Neptune (escape) involved. Neptune is often related to denial, which is the usual survival tactic of children of divorce so is maybe not connected with leaving the home. Venus generally needs harmony and balance so a child with this planet strong in the natal chart would run away from conflict. Uranus will do whatever is unexpected and shocking and will rely on friends and groups rather than parents and family.

The runaway energy is much different from the abducted energy. Moon and Pluto both rule water signs and are reactive, deep and emotional. Venus and Uranus both rule air and earth and are social and intellectual.

Even if the divorce is friendly it would be great to check to see if these particular elements are strong in the child’s chart. Suppressed stress and trauma might manifest during a later transit/cycle of the particular planets.

Brazil Feeds Girls From Broken Homes to Men Being Held in Jail

Read an article in USAToday which said that child abuse tends to go up when the country is in recession.  The article says that most of the abuse is aimed against babies and very young children as their parents can’t handle the stress of financial problems and caring for a child.  Why don’t pediatricians ever talk out about this type of problem as it is connected with Divorce.  Doesn’t matter I suppose.  My parents divorced during a recession so maybe the excuse is that I was abused because of the financial problems and not because of the divorce.  The type of mentality that can separate this stuff is called “Denial.”  Nobody practices “denial” more than folks connected with the medical profession — that’s only my opinion.

Really scary stories coming out of Brazil.  A 14 year old girl was released from a jail on Saturday night after being held in prison for 4 days.  She was gang raped the entire time by a group of men who were also in her cell.  Apparently this is typical.  The police capture young women on minor or even false charges in order to feed the men who are being kept in the jails.  A 15 year old girl was arrested (I originally wrote “captured” in stead of arrested because that’s a more accurate description) on Oct. 21, 2007 and held for weeks in a cell with 21 men.

Another time a 23 year old prostitute was held for a month as well.

This article describes how both the 15 year old and 23 year old victims were naturals for being victims of this type of crime because they come from “Broken Homes” and had been molested by step-fathers.

In the U.S., of course, nothing like this could possibly happen.  Nah, never.

I’ve discussed before the relationship I’ve noticed how the news of women who are murdered by Husbands/Boyfriends often seem to come from Broken Homes.  Even without the molestation from the step-father this seems to be a trend.  There’s  a statistic floating around on the internet which backs up my theory but haven’t got a clue if it’s accurate.

What’s fascinating about all the articles which discuss child abuse is that they never seem to come with information that will help the victims.  It seems that if a kid is reading that type of thing he/she should be given some advice.  Guess they can’t do that because the kids from intact homes will hog up all the services.  Kids with healthy self-esteem scream loudest.


Stranger Danger
November 2, 2010, 12:06 am
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I guess I’m doing this just to piss myself off.  Maybe I’m trying to avoid doing work.  But I just pulled two books on parenting off the shelves at the library.  They are both instructional books on parenting in the 21st Century.  You would think they were focused on raising Beaver Cleaver.  Is it 1947 yet?

In a world in which half of the parents looking for books on parenting the first one I pulled off the shelf is called:

Practical Parenting for the 21st Century:  The Manual You Wish Had Come With Your Child by Julie A. Ross, M.A., 1993

Doesn’t mention Divorce or Being a Single Parent or Being a Step-Parent in either the Table of Contents or the Index.  No Mention.  The book is a basic book about Tantrums, Eating Vegetables and saying Prayers at Bedtime.  Okay, fair enough.  I’m enough of a believer in the power of nutrition to think that a well-balanced diet and a good night’s sleep are valuable things to talk about in a child’s day.  I’ve certainly sat through some bizarre conversations with grown adults who feel completely traumatized by how their parents didn’t cook their vegetables correctly when they were growing up.

The second manual is called What Every 21st-Century Parent Needs to Know:  Facing Today’s Challenges With Wisdom and Heart, by Debra W. Haffner.

This book mentions Divorce in the Index on page 11.  It turns out that the first paragraph of the book is devoted to talking about Divorce and then drops the subject as far as Parenting is concerned.  1st sentence:  “There is no question that children today are growing up in a different world from the one you grew up in.  Most of you had married parents and a mom who didn’t work outside the home.”  What?!!  This book was written in 2009!  The author is obviously not from a divorce home, nor has she socialized with half of the people of her age.  Doesn’t matter.  The subject isn’t really discussed any more.

At any rate, the author is eager to discuss the weird stuff.  The hip hype.  She discusses media influence, positive affirmations and overscheduled children.  No mention of divorces’ role in that.  One Chapter calms the parents’ nerves about child abductions and sexual abuse.  The sexual abuse part seems important, you want to tell your kid to tell you when this happens.  How many divorcing parents suspect that an ex or an ex’s love interest is molesting their child?  But this Stranger Danger thing is interesting.  Very few of the 1 million missing children reports every year are serious kidnappings.  (There are roughly about 100 of these a year).  45 percent are runaways.  Most are teenagers, often dealing with love interests.  Only 1 in 13 is related to a custody dispute.

The book says that it’s really so uncommon that a parent need not worry too much about the Strangers which most parents are mostly telling their kids to avoid.  This means that the kids are growing up fearful of strangers.  Who cares?  She’s certainly not aware of how the immigrant communities raise their children.

This gets really interesting for a child from Divorce.  These kids are thrown into households with one or two step-parent and their kids.  You can’t find a stranger place to live in than that.  Yet it is not discussed at all.

Okay, I’m getting rabid.  I will stop.

Another Escape Artist – Colton Harris-Moore

In a previous post I wrote about Child of D Frank Abagnale, Jr. who was featured in a Leonardo di Caprio movie (and in his own book) Catch Me If You Can.  It looks like another escape artist/criminal child has now been caught.  Colton Harris-Moore of Washington State was caught in Bermuda after running from the law for 2 years.  Clayton escaped from a half way house in April, 2008 and has been evading the police ever since, surviving mostly by stealing.

I had to look if he was, like Abagnale, Jr. a traumatized child of divorce.  It seems that he has a large fan base.  Have to admit, after reading what I can find about his childhood I’m a fan as well (well, not of the crimes).

According to Wikipedia, Colton Harris-Moore was born Mar. 22, 1991 on Camano Island, Washington.  His Father walked out when Clayton was 2 years old.  Clayton’s last memory was of his Father trying to strangle him. 2 years represents the first Mars Return.  And Mars represents violence.  And this is an example, of course, of a Mars Return child in extreme stress. Clayton’s Mother remarried but Clayton’s step-father died when Clayton was 7.  This would have been around the time of his first Lunar square.  There is a possibility that Mars and Moon are in conjunction with each other in Clayton’s chart.  This is an aspect showing great emotional volatility.  But, if both planets are in the sign of Gemini this also shows Clayton’s extreme cleverness in escaping from capture.

How this connects with astrology of Clayton’s chart is amazing.  Clayton’s natal Mars is probably highly afflicted.  It is squaring his natal Sun and possibly in conjunction with his natal Moon.  Both of these contacts can show a person with some impulse control and anger issues on their own without the stress.  They internalize the conflicts that the parents have with each other.  The prominence of this aspect in Clayton’s chart is amplified because Mars and possibly the Moon are both out-of-bounds.  This means that their influence is extra strong.  This configuration is also connected with the Aries points because the Sun at least is placed there.  This explains Colton’s fame as planets on the Aries Points bring a person into the public eye through those planets.  Transiting Pluto is squaring this natal aspect and Pluto also brings Fame (and capture).

Colton’s natal Mars is at 25 Gemini.  He had his Return before his 2d birthday.  When he was turning 2 Mars was going through a long retrograde in the sign of Cancer which indicates a lot of emotional stress at home.  He was probably under the influence of his first progressed Lunar Square at age 7 when his step-father passed away which could exaggerate the tension of Mars-Moon-Sun even more.

Natal Saturn is at 5 Aquarius opposing natal Jupiter at 4 Leo.  Clayton has a good understanding of how people relate to each other on a political level.  He is also a risk taker.

Abagnale, Jr. turned his life around.  I hope that Clayton can figure out how to do the same.

Once again I don’t feel good about putting him under the Bad Child of Divorce category.

Runaway Children, Abductions and Divorce
April 19, 2010, 6:53 am
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Chicago article finds link between kids from divorce and runaways.  Kind of a strange comment in the article saying that kids run away because they think they are responsible for the parents’ split.  I sort of doubt that, but who knows?  Why can’t anyone admit that living in a divorced home is just extremely stressful?

I wish there were some sort of alternative lifestyle for kids to go to in order to get away from a difficult home(s).  If other family members can’t take them in, then they should be able to go to a trade school where they can train for a job while making enough to live and perhaps take classes one day a week to stick to a college plan.

All kids from divorce need to go to College and finish.  I didn’t finish.  It was a mistake.  Big mistake.  If you can’t have a family to fall back on you at least need credentials to fall back on.

If I were to advise myself about what I should have done at that point I guess I would have suggest taking the GED and applying to College early to see if I could get in.  Emotionally I wouldn’t have been ready, but considering the life I led after my parents’ divorce I was being prepared to not be emotionally ready for anything for years.  It would have helped to have taken the situation in my own hands for my own health and well being.

I used to collect the advertisements that used to be printed on milk cartons and used to be sent in the mail because they gave birth dates and I wanted to see if there is a signature in a child’s chart to be a victim of abuse.

“Have You Seen Me?”

It turns out that most of those faces belonged to kids going through custody battles.  The fliers and advertisements never openly stated that because it’s never okay to admit that children growing up in divorced homes are going through hell.  These aren’t the kids who are studied by the psychologists.  Their existence is manipulated out of the statistics.

P.S. I never really found out the Sun Sign that is most likely to be abducted.  For a long time it was looking like the Virgos were going to win.  They are very lovable little kids.  (In no way, do I want to make light of children who are victims of any type of abuse here, whether through strangers or through parents or whomever. )

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