Spoiled Children of Divorce

“Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters”
November 30, 2007, 7:00 am
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Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters is a fun and interesting book written by two psychologists Alan S. Miller & Satoshi Kanazawa which tries to explains differences in people. Here are some comments about Divorce:

1.  Having sons reduces the likelihood of divorce, especially in wealthy families.  A couple of different reasons are offered such as the Sons need a Father figure and Wealth passes down through families.  I don’t think anyone mentioned that boys are simply more valued and are also often a handful to deal with from a behavioral point of view.

2.  Girls of divorced parents experience puberty earlier, especially if the divorced happens before they are five.  Again a couple of different reasons are offered but nobody mentions that kids in divorced families are exposed to sex a lot earlier and often listen to their parent’s relationship struggles.  Kids from divorced families tend to know their astrological charts a lot earlier too.  This wasn’t mentioned in the book but I just thought I would mention it because I see it as being a positive thing.

3.  Deadbeat Dads.  In 1991 statistics, 25 percent of mothers received no child support from the fathers.  52 percent said that they only received a portion of the support that was decided by the court.