Spoiled Children of Divorce

Early Puberty and Growing Up In Divorce
May 18, 2012, 5:29 am
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Heard an interview on NPR Fresh Air with Terry Gross which mentioned a possible physical problem that seems connected with girls who are raised by single parents. Girls raised by single parents enter puberty earlier than their peers. Children are entering puberty earlier these days as a whole. The book is actually about breasts which are now bigger than they used to be and fuels of toxic chemicals. Some of the reasons thought responsible are diet and the rising obesity rates. Plastics might be connected as they simulate estrogen when they enter the human body. Chemicals can even enter a body through the chemicals in printed shopping receipts. This connects with children of divorce, of course, who must shop twice as much
because they belong to two households.

The researcher/writer interviewed was Florence Williams. Her book is called “Breasts.” .

Here’s an article which describes some of the findings by researchers regarding stressful childhoods and early puberty. 6 year olds are said to be most vulnerable to stress in the home. This correlates with the age of the first Jupiter opposition and maybe the first secondary progressed lunar opposition. Jupiter is connected with growth and the moon is connected with female
reproductive system. Girls who have fathers who have psychological problems such as addiction, alcoholism, suicide, etc. Also develop more quickly.