Spoiled Children of Divorce

YouTube Divorce Rant – Tricia Walsh-Smith

Am coming out of hibernation to add a link to this:


An Actress named Tricia Walsh-Smith who is going through a Divorce has posted a YouTube Video spilling unmentionables about her marriage to a guy who looks like a “Much Older Man.”  He’s a famous theater person of some type who is evicting her from her apartment. She signed a pre-nup which supposedly leaves her with nothing so she is understandably freaked out.

The Video is fun from the Spoiled Children of Divorce point of view because, for one, you get to see the kind of ranting that a parent does during a Divorce.  Every time the kid comes home from school this is the type of thing that he or she listens to.  The Ranting can go on for years, day after day.  Often parents from both sides are ranting in this way too.  If you think watching this video is stressful the first time, imagine it running on a tape loop and playing non-stop for the next 2 years.

Then you get to see a little scene where the Bitch is talking on the phone.  The camera pans over to some little legs swinging from behind the door.  Is this her kid?  Is the other kid filming the Video?

Then it turns out this is non a first marriage so.  We get to see photos of the family.  Before we see a photo of the Evil Husband we get to see a Photo of the “Evil Step-Daughter.”  The Step-Daughter is the one apparently who is playing the money games.  So, Step-Mother and Step-Daughter games are killer.  Girls will be Girls.

Only after this tirade do we get to see the Husband.  We already know that this couple has never had Sex.  That’s so odd.  The Wife is beautiful and the Husband is Ugly but Successful.  What a cliche.

Funny.  Very Funny and unbelievably disturbing.  People need conflict.  And I’m very certain that there simply isn’t enough Love to go around.

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