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Exemplary Children of Divorce – Carol Knuth

Just watched this video of ex-Foster Child, Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking Victim Carol Knuth describing her childhood. I’m feeling a little queasy. I had no idea that a huge portion of trafficking victims grow up in Foster Homes but I guess it makes sense. Like everyone else I thought this is something that immigrants go through.

People like Carol are coming out to try to educate the rest of us about the Foster Care System along with Trafficking and Sexual Assault. Her survival is totaling amazing. She has since married, had children, has received two degrees, and has held powerful jobs.

The complaint about growing up as a “Child of Divorce” seems to be overpowered by the rest of the story but I feel that it might be the seed. Knuth’s parents divorced when she was two. She was the youngest of three girls who her Father sexually assaulted. He had told his daughters that their Mother had died. He remarried and divorced her Step-Mother when Carol was around 6th grade. Sorry I didn’t write very good notes so can’t provide the exact age. Carol and her sisters went to their first Foster home when she was three. When she was in her early teens she had to testify that her Father molested her. His daughters were taken away from him but he was never charged with any crime. Carol bounced in and out of around 21 homes. At one point her Foster Mother was dating her Father. The lack of concern for her feelings is such a major theme in her childhood. She tells the story so stoically. There seems to have been no end to the amount that people would not stand up for Carol until she was a working adult. Knuth tells how a co-worker assaulted her while they were in the break room. She just figured “same old, same old” and went back to her seat. But, this time another male co-worker had seen the assault and reported it. The offender was fired. This seems to be the first time in her life that anyone stood up for her.

Wow. That’s all I can say right now. She looks so straight. I would never have known from looking at her that she could be a survivor of this type of history.

Abducted Children of Divorce

Have never seen an interview on a TV show of the massive quantities of children who are abducted by a parent during a custody battle but always wanted know what their experiences were like. Guess they might do everything to avoid receiving anymore drama in life so would make for a boring interview? We used to read the “Have You Seen Me?” posts on the sides of the milk cartons. I remember feeling really jerked around when I discovered that most of the kids are custody abductions. Makes me wonder if abducted children tend to be lactose intolerant.

The FBI calls this phenomenon “Domestic Custodial-Motivated Child Abductions” and talks about it here: https://leb.fbi.gov/2013/august/domestic-custodial-motivated-child-abductions. It seems the children learn early on about retaliation and threats in relationships. The FBI gives examples of actual abductions and law enforcement’s heroic role in fetching them. The children in the examples are all babies so they don’t remember it. (Astrology-wise, that gives super power to the Moon in a natal chart — nobody wants to hear the astrology. So what. Means that they probably love milk, though)

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says that 6 percent of the 20,500 missing children cases in 2016 were domestic abductions. 90 percent of the missing children cases were endangered runaways. They don’t say how many runaways are from single parent families. Of the runaways, one in six were probably abducted into the sex trafficking trade. 86 percent of those were in the care of Social Services. There is no mention of whether they were from single parent households. The link for this info is here: https://leb.fbi.gov/2013/august/domestic-custodial-motivated-child-abductions.

Much of the Statistics I want are supplied on the blog The Fatherless Generation. Don’t know if this information is accurate. It’s absolutely terrifying though.

Okay, so you know that you are loved and wanted. Many Children of Divorce are just in the way or grow up knowing that they are a burden. And, yes, some have it all figured out and are spoiled rotten.

In the end, most Children of Divorce are not from either of these situations. Nobody knows what they are feeling because nobody ever asks and in order to survive they have had to suppress their own feelings about the situation. This keeps the pharmaceutical industry in business and is probably why there is no good art anymore. Just my opinion, of course.

Have You Seen Me?
July 11, 2013, 11:31 pm
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Pretty much the only support for children of divorce in U.S. society used to be found on the side of milk cartons. These would be the kids who were part of a custody hearing. Very very rarely one of these kids stories is picked up by news media and on these rare occasions the viewers are shown the parents who are fighting. The stories always focus on the parents feelings. It is assumed, I guess, that the kids know they are loved. Perhaps they receive therapy and meds in private.

In case you didn’t know, the majority of kids listed at the national center for missing and exploited children are from custody hearings. There is help for families involved in such traumatic experiences on the National Center for Missing & Abducted Children website.

According to astrology, abduction is ruled by the planet Pluto. One might also check the location of Persephone. The Moon and 4th house rule family so one might find a connection between these elements within the natal chart. It’s good to check transits and progressions to these planets and houses as well.

In astrology, runaways are ruled by much different planets. Venus and Uranus are thought to be the most common rulers. I might also expect to see mars (impulse) and Neptune (escape) involved. Neptune is often related to denial, which is the usual survival tactic of children of divorce so is maybe not connected with leaving the home. Venus generally needs harmony and balance so a child with this planet strong in the natal chart would run away from conflict. Uranus will do whatever is unexpected and shocking and will rely on friends and groups rather than parents and family.

The runaway energy is much different from the abducted energy. Moon and Pluto both rule water signs and are reactive, deep and emotional. Venus and Uranus both rule air and earth and are social and intellectual.

Even if the divorce is friendly it would be great to check to see if these particular elements are strong in the child’s chart. Suppressed stress and trauma might manifest during a later transit/cycle of the particular planets.

Children of Divorce, Stalking, CyberSex

I don’t know if Children of Divorce are more likely to become Stalkers, but according to the book How To Stop a Stalker by Detective Mike Proctor they are more likely to be victimized by stalkers.   I’ve already discussed Stranger Danger and Divorce.  I’ve already stated that I think that grown Children of Divorce become victims more often than Children of Intact families.

Here is a quote from the chapter “Limiting Your Stalking Exposure”:

“…dealing with cyberpredators has shown that children in the following categories seem to be more at risk for being stalked than others on the Internet:  those who are shy, withdrawn, and/or who have low self-esteem; those with a weight problem; and those who have divorced parents.  We in law enforcement continually encounter such youths, who become victims not only of stalking but also of other crimes associated with being bullied and harassed, usually by their peers.  They are continually searching for acceptance.”

This information is paraphrased by the author from a meeting he had with Investigator Mike Harris who, along with his wife Cassandra, specializes in law enforcement investigations on cyberstalking of children.  This couple was interviewed by Oprah.  This was 10 years ago so I imagine that there is now more awareness of cyberstalking.

Sexual solicitations can be reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children CyberTipline (703) 274-3900.  I haven’t called to check if that number is still valid.  I wish that Psychology Schools would aggressively recruit burnt out cops because they could bring invaluable insight and skills into that profession.

I’ve said before that I think that introverted children might suffer from their parents’ divorces much more than extroverted children. I am certainly not an expert on this and am just giving my opinion but since no one else dares to have an opinion I might as well give mine.

I suspect that Divorce is a more comfortable experience for Extroverts than for Introverts.  I tend to suspect that Psychologists tend to be extroverts which is why they personally don’t think that there’s anything wrong with growing up in Divorced homes.  They also may have lower iq’s than the normal college graduate, and in most cases that average taxi driver, trash collector, electrician and plumber, but I suppose that will never be tested.

With all the media attention on bullying lately I wonder if any studies have focused on Children of Divorce to see if they are more or less likely to bully others.   I know that the folks from Intact Families who always have to state that they wished their parents had divorced are in a way bullying the Children of Divorce not to speak.  I mean, if it’s something that you always wanted, wouldn’t you be interested in what others who have actually experienced want to say about it rather than immediately butting in on their territory (so to speak) and whining with your grass is always greener problems?

Brazil Feeds Girls From Broken Homes to Men Being Held in Jail

Read an article in USAToday which said that child abuse tends to go up when the country is in recession.  The article says that most of the abuse is aimed against babies and very young children as their parents can’t handle the stress of financial problems and caring for a child.  Why don’t pediatricians ever talk out about this type of problem as it is connected with Divorce.  Doesn’t matter I suppose.  My parents divorced during a recession so maybe the excuse is that I was abused because of the financial problems and not because of the divorce.  The type of mentality that can separate this stuff is called “Denial.”  Nobody practices “denial” more than folks connected with the medical profession — that’s only my opinion.

Really scary stories coming out of Brazil.  A 14 year old girl was released from a jail on Saturday night after being held in prison for 4 days.  She was gang raped the entire time by a group of men who were also in her cell.  Apparently this is typical.  The police capture young women on minor or even false charges in order to feed the men who are being kept in the jails.  A 15 year old girl was arrested (I originally wrote “captured” in stead of arrested because that’s a more accurate description) on Oct. 21, 2007 and held for weeks in a cell with 21 men.

Another time a 23 year old prostitute was held for a month as well.

This article describes how both the 15 year old and 23 year old victims were naturals for being victims of this type of crime because they come from “Broken Homes” and had been molested by step-fathers.

In the U.S., of course, nothing like this could possibly happen.  Nah, never.

I’ve discussed before the relationship I’ve noticed how the news of women who are murdered by Husbands/Boyfriends often seem to come from Broken Homes.  Even without the molestation from the step-father this seems to be a trend.  There’s  a statistic floating around on the internet which backs up my theory but haven’t got a clue if it’s accurate.

What’s fascinating about all the articles which discuss child abuse is that they never seem to come with information that will help the victims.  It seems that if a kid is reading that type of thing he/she should be given some advice.  Guess they can’t do that because the kids from intact homes will hog up all the services.  Kids with healthy self-esteem scream loudest.


Son Abducted By Father, Finds Mother Through Newspaper Article 17 Years Later
September 17, 2010, 10:31 pm
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A 20-year old son will be reunited with his Mother 17 years after being abducted by his Father during a messy divorce.  The young man read about how to contact his Mother in an August 29 newspaper article and convinced his Father to surrender himself to authorities yesterday in Houston, Texas.  His Mother was notified Thursday afternoon.  She has remarried and has children from that marriage.

Some interesting Astrology in this case and am trying out my theories on this case.

The newspaper article was published during a Mercury Retrograde, Aug. 29 (Mercury 16 Virgo Rx).  Astrologers like to scare people about Mercury Retrogrades saying that all things Mercurial (newspapers/publishing is one of them) will not work or will go haywire.  There’s another interpretation for Mercury Retrograde which shows up in this case.  Mercury Retrogrades, and probably all the other planetary retrogrades, will bring back old news and people from the past back  into one’s life.  That makes sense since it relates to the idea that everything cycles back around. So maybe Mercury Rx’s are a good time for publishing old cases like this.

I also wanted to test my theories that the age that one is during parents’ divorce figures in strongly with later events in one’s life.  I almost flubbed this up by saying “no” because I incorrectly remembered Age 3 as begin signified by the Ceres Return Cycle.  This cycle first occurs around Age 4.6.  I related the ideas of Abduction to Ceres and Pluto in the child’s chart and was wondering if this would show up strongly in children.  Turns out that the birth date I’ve found for Stephen does show a very strong presence of Ceres because his natal Ceres is very strongly placed in his natal chart (1 Cancer) connected with a very strong t-square in his chart on the Aries points.  This shows strong family presence, possibly involving abduction as well as agriculture (perhaps his Father hid him by traveling with migrant farm workers?).  But Ceres is not the indicator that we would look for in his particular instance.  Maybe they hid out for a while by working in agriculture?  Who knows?

The planets/asteroid cycles which I connected to Age 3 are the Vesta Return and the first Jupiter square.  In short form interpretation:  Vesta keeps the “Home Fires Burning.”  How like a Child of D.

Stephen’s natal Vesta is placed at 5 Capricorn. It is involved in a very significant t-square in his natal chart which is also involved in a very signicant current transit t-square.  Stephen was born during the big outer planet conjunction of Uranus-Saturn-Neptune in first degrees Capricorn so Vesta is conjunct those planets.  Most people born within 6 months of this date will have these connections because these are slow moving planets.  Many people born within a year or two will share the Uranus-Neptune connection.  So it is a very significant conjunction/stellium which is affecting a huge amount of people born within a couple of years of each other.

In Stephen’s chart this stellium is also squaring a natal conjunction of personal planets, Sun-Mercury RX-Mars in late Virgo/early Libra, and is opposing natal Ceres and Jupiter in early Cancer.  Astrology buffs will recognize that this chart is receiving a huge hit from the current outer planet t-square transit from Jupiter-Uranus in Aries, Pluto-NN in Capircorn and Saturn-Vesta in Libra as it is.

Now I will whittle down the aspects to show just the Vesta and Jupiter placements to try to understand how this would personally affect Stephen’s development as influenced by a traumatic event such as Divorce/Abduction in his life.  Vesta and Jupiter square transits must figure strongly in his life and personality in order for my theory to work.   The Jupiter transits line up perfectly and figure strongly.  The Vesta transits do as well for the natal chart, but not for the abduction chart.  I can’t find a connection between the Vesta Cycle which relates the age at time of Divorce and current transit of Vesta.  I don’t know when Stephen’s parents divorced, so Stephen could be influenced more by cycles of development from earlier Returns such as Mars at age 2, and the other personal planets from the earlier ages.  (Just from looking at the dates, it looks like Stephen’s first Venus Return would have been extremely nasty (jealousy and revenge themes, but who knows)

And, again, I don’t know if I’m using the correct birth date, but I’ve located it in a couple of different places.

Stephen’s natal Vesta is at 5 Capricorn.  It is opposing natal Jupiter 9 Cancer.  These are hooked into a huge natal t-square which involved most of his natal planets.  The Cancer/Capricorn Axis naturally rules parents and family. Currently the Nodes are transiting through these signs.  (Pluto, major planet related to abduction, is conjunct the North Node in Capricorn (sign rules Father))

When Stephen was abducted natal Vesta was at 12 Aquarius.  I don’t know what that means, it doesn’t connect.  However, he was going through his first Jupiter Square.  Jupiter was transiting 11 Libra and was finishing up passing over his huge natal t-square of planets in early Cardinal Signs.

On August 29, 2010 transiting Vesta was in this spot at 10 Libra.  It was conjunct t. Saturn 4 Libra.  Saturn rules Fathers, Karmic Mistakes, Guilt, Taking Responsibility for past actions.  Jupiter is also involved as well in opposition to transiting Vesta.  T. Jupiter was at 2 Aries conjunct t. Uranus.

So, I can’t directly relate the Vesta Cycle to the Abduction, but she is strongly connected with Jupiter and  Stephen’s family life is strongly hooked into the Jupiter Squares.  Natally, since Jupiter is placed in Cancer, sign of the family this would make sense.   Vesta is also placed in the sign which relates to Fathers.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.  Since she is in conjunction with 3 huge influences in generational planets it will be interesting to see if Stephen begins to speak out about his experiences for his generation to learn from.  Hope so.  He certainly has been given a very difficult lesson about parental love early on in life. I wish him all the best in continuing his relationships with both of his parents.

The Jupiter significance might be connected to the fact that the Father was a Teacher of Languages (Latin in High School).  I’ve discussed what I thought the connections were with kids’ language development during the first Jupiter Square (3) and Trines (Age 4).  I seem to remember from my own schooling that most newspapers are written for 11 year olds.  This means that writing skills in society at large are based on what a kid going through his first Jupiter Return will understand.  I will discuss how many writers seem to come from Divorces from around this age.  So, it’s interesting that the younger Michael found his Mother while reading the newspaper during a very significant Jupiter transit (connected with big outer planet transit that hooks into natal chart).

There is a lot to look at in this chart but too much to communicate.  Ceres does figure in an interesting way.  On the date that Stephen was abducted by his Father, Ceres was at 19 Pisces conjunct Lilith and Mercury Retrograde in Pisces.  I will talk about Lilith as being connected with Age 9 Cycles.  I think I also discussed Lilith’s presence in Divorce as she represents the rejected 1st wife of Adam.  She also represents modern emancipated women because she was rejected for refusing to not be equals with Adam.  There is close to a Lilith Return going on right now from Stephen’s abduction date.

Notice also how much the Aries Points (1st degrees of Cardinal Signs) match up in the charts and seem connected with the big outer planet t-square transits of Jupiter-Uranus-Saturn-Pluto-Nodes that is currently stressing everyone out.  Saturn rules Fathers.  It is currently conjunct Stephen’s natal Sun-MercuryRX-Mars.  His progressed Mercury turned Directaround 2001 (around 26 Virgo within 3 degrees conjunction with natal Sun). Progressed Mercury is now conjunct 1 Libra.  First Degrees Cardinal Signs are strong points in Astrology.  They are the first days of each Season and so indicate the beginnings of new life cycles.  When they show up in charts, natal and transits, they are sometimes thought to show coming forth before the public.

So Mercury placement and its retrograde is strongly connected with this case by transit and by progression.  Mercury rules natal Sun in Virgo (if birth date I have is correct) so this is one of the very basic connections.

Stephen Michael Palacios

perhaps this is birth date:  Sept. 21, 1989  no place given, I used Waco, TX.

Abduction date:  Mar. 28, 1993  Waco, TX

Find Date:  August 29, 2010

Father Surrender and Notification Date:  Sept. 16, 2010, Houston, Tx

Mother:  Dee Ann Adams, Bedford, TX

Father:  Stephen Palacios, Jr. (II), Age 42?

Son:  Stephen Michael Palacios (III)

The Center for Missing Children site says that only 37 percent of abductions of children are with strangers.  They give information about how to fight off a stranger or abductor and what are the most common lures.  Most often the child will be someone the child knows, however.  The Center does not give statistics about children who are abducted because of Divorce proceedings.  I suspect this accounts for most of the abductions and the Center keeps silent about this because nobody wants to interfere with Society’s rosy picture of how Divorce makes everyone happy. Anyway, the article.

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White Washing Child Abduction Cases to Paint Rosy Picture of Divorce.

Runaway Children, Abductions and Divorce
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Chicago article finds link between kids from divorce and runaways.  Kind of a strange comment in the article saying that kids run away because they think they are responsible for the parents’ split.  I sort of doubt that, but who knows?  Why can’t anyone admit that living in a divorced home is just extremely stressful?

I wish there were some sort of alternative lifestyle for kids to go to in order to get away from a difficult home(s).  If other family members can’t take them in, then they should be able to go to a trade school where they can train for a job while making enough to live and perhaps take classes one day a week to stick to a college plan.

All kids from divorce need to go to College and finish.  I didn’t finish.  It was a mistake.  Big mistake.  If you can’t have a family to fall back on you at least need credentials to fall back on.

If I were to advise myself about what I should have done at that point I guess I would have suggest taking the GED and applying to College early to see if I could get in.  Emotionally I wouldn’t have been ready, but considering the life I led after my parents’ divorce I was being prepared to not be emotionally ready for anything for years.  It would have helped to have taken the situation in my own hands for my own health and well being.

I used to collect the advertisements that used to be printed on milk cartons and used to be sent in the mail because they gave birth dates and I wanted to see if there is a signature in a child’s chart to be a victim of abuse.

“Have You Seen Me?”

It turns out that most of those faces belonged to kids going through custody battles.  The fliers and advertisements never openly stated that because it’s never okay to admit that children growing up in divorced homes are going through hell.  These aren’t the kids who are studied by the psychologists.  Their existence is manipulated out of the statistics.

P.S. I never really found out the Sun Sign that is most likely to be abducted.  For a long time it was looking like the Virgos were going to win.  They are very lovable little kids.  (In no way, do I want to make light of children who are victims of any type of abuse here, whether through strangers or through parents or whomever. )

Christian Brando

Marlon Brando’s troubled Son, Christian, passed away yesterday in Los Angeles, California. He had been hospitalized for pneumonia. Christian was 49 years old.  May he Rest in Peace.

Christian was the eldest of Brando’s nine children. His Mother, Anna Kashfi, was also an actress. She separated from Brando when Christian was 5 months old and the couple divorced on Apr. 22, 1959 (can’t vouch for any dates here). The couple remained in a custody dispute over Christian until 1972 when Kashfi abducted the 13 year boy and took him to Mexico. She was sent to jail and subsequently lost all chance for custody. His Mother had drug and alcohol problems.

Christian dropped out of High School and held minor acting jobs. As can be expected he had emotional problems and ended up killing his sister Cheyenne’s boyfriend while arguing over whether the boyfriend had beaten his pregnant half-sister. He spent 5 years in jail for the murder. Cheyenne gave birth to the baby but hanged herself at Age 25. Christian was recently divorced for violent behavior to his wife and her daughter.

This is a description of his childhood from http://www.astrotheme.com. (Date of parents’ separation is different from one mentioned in obituary in newspaper (www.mercurynews.com):

Kashfi turned to barbiturates and alcohol and the couple divorced a year after Christian’s birth in May 1959. Christian was passed between the two as their relationship became more and more hostile and abusive. The author Nellie Bly claimed that “When the Brandos quarreled, Anna displayed a ‘frightening’ rage,” and that “Anna left baby Christian alone in her car parked on Wilshire Boulevard while she confronted Brando in his office, ‘beating at him with her fists, in a frenzy of rage.” There was a protracted custody battle between Kashfi and Brando until he eventually won custody of Christian aged 13 after an incident when Christian was taken out of school to Mexico by Kashfi without Brando’s consent.

Christian had little good contact with his father, being raised by nannies and servants, moving between Hollywood and the private island near Tahiti. A reluctant witness to his father’s sexual exploits and bizarre behavior, Christian complained that:
“The family kept changing shape, I’d sit down at the breakfast table and say, “Who are you?””